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Professional Gutter Cleaning Shoreham, Sussex
Grime army have built up a strong and growing reputation for providing professional gutter cleaning services throughout Shoreham, Sussex and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a reliable, thorough gutter cleaning company in Shoreham with all the right tools for the job, you have come to the right place.

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    Why Choose Grime Army For Your Gutter Cleaning Requirements?

    Effects you may experience from blocked gutters

    Below we have highlighted some of the negative effects blocked gutters can have on your property. Having your gutters cleared on a regular basis will help prevent any potential damage to your property and expensive repair costs.

    Damp and mould

    Water running down the outside of your house can cause mould to grow on inside and out. Water can penetrate through the wall and cause damage to paint and wallpaper. This can go unnoticed if hidden behind furniture.

    Leaky roofs and saggy ceilings

    Clogged gutters can result in water that stands for hours, or longer, blocking the flow of water from the roof. This can leak into ceiling cavities and cause ceilings to sag and eventually collapse, ruining internal decoration and your home’s contents.

    Splash back damage

    Water that spills or leaks from a blocked gutter onto the ground can cause water to splash back and damage your property. The affected area can suffer from penetrating damp, peeling paintwork, wood rot and unsightly cosmetic damage.

    Sagging driveways

    Just as large roots can lift the concrete blocks of your driveway into the air, clogged gutters can result in pooling water that breaks down the concrete from the top. This might cause sagging driveways or even large cracks to appear.

    Brickwork and pointing damage

    An overflowing gutter can result in water pouring down the wall, causing damage to brickwork and pointing, penetrating damp and damage to wall ties. Moss growing on the well walls adds to the problem by retaining water and not letting the walls dry out.

    Rotting wood

    Clogged gutters can also rot wood fascia. When the water build up and stands stagnant for even just a few hours, the wood will start to break down and decompose, causing serious problems.

    Cracks in the foundation

    Blocked gutters can force water downwards directly onto the foundation wall, which can lead to major cracking, mould growth and rot along the surrounding fascia. Wet areas around the foots can cause the soil to swell and shrink, increasing the risk of termite attack and movement.

    Ruined landscaping

    Expensive landscaping can be destroyed in hours by clogged gutters as the water exits the gutters with sufficient force to dig holes, resulting in over-watered plants and unsightly dips in the topography of your yard.


    Removing moisture and debris from your gutters is one of the most effective steps you can take to keep your home insect-free, along with twigs, leaves and other materials that pests love to use as both shelter and a food source.

    How can we help?

    By using our powerful vacuum system we are able to clear your gutters safely from the ground, no balancing off of the top of a ladder, reaching over and potentially falling off, which too often results in serious injury.

    Not only is our system safer, but by using our high reach poles we can reach gutters from difficult angles such as over conservatories, flower beds and lower roofs.

    All the waste is sucked out of the guttering and drainpipes into the machine, meaning there is no mess to clear up at the end.

    Who Are You Going To Call?

    For a reliable, friendly and thorough gutter cleaning service in Shoreham, Sussex or the surrounding areas, call us today on 01273 803299

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      As a professional exterior cleaning company our equipment is top of the line in terms of specification

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      Here at Grime Army we provide a friendly and reliable services to our customers, both residential and commercial

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